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Type 2 ∙∙ 380V ∙∙ 11kW/22kW

Zencar Model C

The Zencar portable charger is an ideal solution to daily charging your electric vehicles in a fast and simple way.

The Zencar is designed to be compact and easy to transport and use anywhere.  It is a great solution if you need a smart design with amazing features.

Thanks to the compact size the electric vehicles charger is really easy to transport and storage.

The simple and intuitive interface, equipped with light indicators, provides ease of use.

The unique Plug&Play function ensures that the electric vehicle charging process starts automatically as soon as the charger is plugged into the car, without difficult configuration.

Main features

Zencar Model C 11kW Zencar Model C 22kW
Nominal voltage 380V 380V
Max. output current 16A 3-phase 32A 3-phase
Max. charging power 11kW 22kW
Cable length 5m
RCD RCD typeA, AC 30mA
Charging connector plug type-2
Power connector red 32A CEE
Safety standard IP54
Multiple protection vehicle pulsating DC leakage protection, electrostatic protection, overcurrent protection, over/undervoltage protection, lightning protection, circuit board temperature sensor, protecting earthing detection and more
Operating temperature -25 ℃ ~ +50℃
Weight 4kg