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Type-2 / 400V∙∙22kW

Maxi Charger

Wallbox MaxiCharger by Autel is an intelligent, safe, and extremely stylish electric vehicle charging station.

The MaxiCharger charging station offers a unique and intuitive user interface, equipped with light indicators and an RFID card reader.
The station has a 5-meter cable with a type-2 connector, making it compatible with most electric vehicles.
The Wallbox MaxiCharger has a dedicated mobile application that allows remote control of the charging process (setting parameters and planning charging time) and gathering data on the operations performed. The application also enables tracking the progress of the electric vehicle battery charging and monitoring its status in real-time.
MaxiCharger is an electric vehicle charging station that places a strong emphasis on charging safety. It has necessary safeguards against malfunctions and irregularities in the flow of electricity, as well as a cooling system that ensures device reliability.
The solid construction of the station allows it to be used both indoors and outdoors, and real-time data analysis allows for quick response to any problems.

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