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Type-2 / 230/400V∙∙7/22kW

Wallbox PulseQ AC Lite

The Wallbox PulseQ AC Lite is an advanced electric vehicle charging station available in three power variants.
It features a mobile application and RFID functionality for convenient access.
Wallbox PulseQ AC Lite_EV_charger_Elprosys_e-mobility

The PulseQ AC Lite offers three charging modes – Plug&Play, control through a mobile application, and initiating charging using RFID cards.

The PulseQ mobile app functionality enhances the user experience by providing remote control and monitoring capabilities for efficient and convenient electric vehicle charging.

The built-in RFID card reader enables user authentication and initiates the vehicle charging process only for authorized individuals.

The PulseQ AC Lite charging station supports voice activation, enabling seamless integration with smart homes through Amazon Alexa. You can remotely initiate or stop a charging session and monitor the charging time and battery status without approaching the charger or the vehicle.

The PulseQ AC Lite charging station features a robust enclosure that is resistant to dust, water, and challenging weather conditions, ensuring secure installation both indoors and outdoors.

Furthermore, the station is equipped with a range of safety measures to guard against potential threats during operation.

Main features