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CCS2 / 400V∙∙max. 40kW

Mini DC

The Laimao MiniDC electric vehicle charging station is an incredibly efficient and compact device that enables fast charging of electric vehicles with direct current.

The MiniDC station is characterized by high charging power, with available power variants of 20kW DC, 30kW DC, and 40kW DC. It is equipped with a few-meter-long charging cable with a CCS2 plug.

The MiniDC station features a 7-inch touch LCD screen that displays the device’s progress and parameters. With the touch screen, users can easily and intuitively change settings and configure the station. Additionally, the station is equipped with an LED indicator that informs about the current charging status.

The MiniDC station has a dedicated mobile app, which allows users to easily and conveniently control the electric vehicle charging process, as well as monitor the progress of the charging from anywhere. The application also enables remote start and stop of the charging process and regulation of the charging power.

The built-in RFID card reader provides even greater security and controls overcharging. Thanks to it, access to the station can be effectively controlled, and charging can be limited only to authorized users.

The MiniDC station has an OCPP1.6 module, which allows it to be integrated with dedicated software used to manage the entire network of charging stations.

Main features