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Type 2 / Schuko / 230V∙∙3.6kW

Portable EV Charger Teison

Portable 16A electric vehicle charger by Teison is a handy charging station, which you can take with you on any trip.
The compact dimensions of the charger ensure ease of transport, which allows you to use it anywhere.
Thanks to the possibility of charging from a standard house socket (schuko), you can charge your car wherever there is no access to a traditional charging station.
The charger has a LCD screen on which you can track the current charging status, including parameters such as: voltage, charging current, charging time, operating temperature, and the amount of used energy.
What’s more, the charger has the ability to regulate the charging current (from 6 to 16A), as well as start charging at a designated time, so that you can take advantage of lower electricity rates.

Main features

Possible 'installation' locations

price: 219,00 Euro