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Type 2 / 230V∙∙7kW

JNT- EVC10-AC07/02C

The EV charger from Joint Tech  Company can be used indoor and outdoor for fast charging Mode-3 electric vehicles.

JNT-EVC10-07C1C EV Charger

The indoor and outdoor wall-mounted EV Charger JNT-EVC10-AC07/02C is dedicated to electric vehicle owners who appreciate not only high quality but also stylish and unique design connected with functionality.

JNT-EVC10-AC07/02C is equipped with 4.3” LCD display which allows monitoring the status of the charging, including current, voltage and temperature.

The additional 5-meter cable ensures space and the comfort of using the charging station.

Solid construction and way of mounting ensure safety during the charging process.

JNT-EVC electric vehicle charging station is built network-ready for back-end management and come standard with RFID card readers for user identification.

The charger allows you to easily add electric vehicle charging as an added benefit to hospitality, offices and many other commercial properties.

Main features

Possible installation locations

price: 559,00 Euro